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Royal Gourmet brand is owned by Huige subsidiary Royal Gourmet Cooperation and it was established in 2014 in USA. As a steady growing company, it currently has 35 employees. Royal Gourmet imports 20~40 containers per month. The central location is Atlanta, GA and we also have 3 other warehouses throughout the states that total over 200, 000 square feet in storage space. In 2017, Royal Gourmet grossed about $7M. Then in 2018, we generated $10M and an estimated $15M in 2019 in USA.

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As an enthusiastic barbecue grill expert that has gained attention for its best-in-the-class products, competitive price and premium service, Royal Gourmet have developed a strong strategy with Amazon, Walmart, Lowe’s etc. Over the past five years, the value of Royal Gourmet brand has been recognized by more and more people all over the world. We keep thinking highly of brand building on the design, R&D, service etc. More and more BBQ grills with high price performance ratio will bring to you.

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The products with Royal Gourmet brand adopt standardized design to reduce R&D costs; bulk purchases to reduce raw material costs; centralized production to reduce production and management costs and standardized packaging to reduce material costs.

We'll coordinate and optimize the most reasonable resources and links to make "standardized products" possess more competitive prices on the premise of the same quality and service. With the help of Internet's advantages, we'll provide the most convenient and caring service for you to create maximum profit and business value.

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